Cultural activities like choir, debate, drama, music, and art play a pivotal role at Vredekloof Primary School by fostering a holistic and well-rounded educational experience. These activities not only enhance students’ creativity and self-expression but also promote teamwork, discipline, and confidence.

The choir helps students discover the joy of harmonizing their voices and instils a sense of unity, while debate sharpens their critical thinking and communication skills.

Drama and Art provide outlets for imaginative expression, encouraging students to explore their emotions and ideas.

Meanwhile, music nurtures an appreciation for diverse cultures and the power of sound.

These cultural pursuits contribute to the development of well-rounded, socially aware individuals, enriching the educational journey at Vredekloof Primary School.


Junior Extra Art

Senior Extra Art



Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Orff Orchestra


Grade R

Vredekloof strives to fill the Grade-R learning environment with fun. It is important for us to develop learners holistically through play in a more informal setting. In this way we ensure each learner’s cognitive, social, emotional and motor development.