Vredekloof Primary School is privileged to have two ultra-modern STEAMAC centres. The centre offers our learners the opportunity to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills. This is done through an integrated curriculum where our children get exposure to the latest technology. The learners learn through experimentation, group discussions and discovery of new knowledge, which empowers them to cultivate innovative thoughts.


Here, learners are exposed to extensive Scientific knowledge that enables them to think critically about the world around them. This allows the learners to identify the needs and challenges of the world and find creative solutions through the development and application of Technology.


Engineering allows our learners to use the knowledge and problem solving skills they have optained in Science. By applying the technological process, our children learn how to transform a creative idea into a product. These skills ensure that everyone is ready for an ever-changing environment.


Visual arts offer our learners the opportunity to go outside the lines and develop their creative thinking. Learners use digital 2D and 3D sketches to visually represent their engineering projects. An “outside the box” way of thinking is encouraged to stimulate their problem solving skills.


STEAMAC gives our learners the opportunity to experience how Mathematics is applied in everyday life. Learners are exposed to various Mathematical concepts such as data handling on Microsoft Excel to the application of Mathematics in Coding.


One of the goals of STEAMAC is to educate children who are environmentally aware and live in harmony with nature. Learners get exposure to various agricultural methods, with a focus on planting vegetables and fruit. Hydroponics forms a very important part of our curriculum and is a fun project that our children can do at home with their family.


At Vredekloof Primary School, we want to prepare the children for an ever-changing world. Through exposure to coding, our children learn critical and logical thinking, creative problem solving and collaboration. These skills give our children the opportunity to face the challenges of the world. The children get exposure to Lego SPIKE, SCRATCH, HTML, DRONES, BOTLEY, SIXBRICKS and many more.

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