Learning Support

Vredekloof Primary School strives to take every learner by the hand and support them in order to reach their full potential and discover the best version of themselves.

The emotional well-being of our learners is a priority for us, as it is at the heart of any success. Vredekloof Primary School strives to create a safe environment where our learners can develop at their own pace, with the necessary support and motivation.

Our School Based Support Team (SBST), is responsible for providing support to all our learners regarding academic, educational and emotional obstacles. With continuous communication and teamwork between the parents and staff, obstacles are quickly identified and dealt with effectively.

School counselor (Ms. Lénatha Rheeder):

Our school has a very competent school counsellor, Ms. Lenatha Rheeder. Learners can be referred to her, but are also welcome to approach her themselves. During sessions, attention is paid to social skills, emotional problems, self-confidence, self-esteem, behavioral problems etc. Group sessions are also held, to support learners with their communication skills, as well as how to handle conflict.

Didactic classes (class teacher)

Didactic classes are offered twice a week for learners who need extra support in Mathematics and Home Language. Capture of concepts that the learners have not yet mastered is the focal point of the Didactic classes. These classes are more practical and concrete in nature.

Learning support classes (Ms. Carla Meyer):

During Learning Support classes, individual attention is given to the learner’s specific learning needs, e.g. reading ability, reading comprehension, spelling and grasping language concepts. In this way, the challenges that the learner experiences are caught up and the basic principles (sounds, spelling rules, reading comprehension) are re-established. Ms. Meyer, withdraws the learners weekly for individual sessions.


Vredekloof Primary School believes in the holistic development of the learner. Sports participation is an integral part of the development of physical and social skills.